Japanese Toilets

So... I forgot to mention that I was going on a 2 week long trip to Japan. Oops. I'll get back on track with the comics! Anyway, Japanese toilets are great. Japan can be oddly behind the times with technology in some situations (like the fact that they still use fax machines, or that they hardly seem to use personal emails aside from the email addresses connected to their phones), but man, their bathroom technology is great. Seriously, they can:

  • make ocean noises to give you "privacy"
  • spray your butt
  • spray your lady parts
  • heat up your bum
  • flush with a little water or lots of water
and probably a bunch of other things.  Wish I could bring back one of those toilets. Oh, and their public bathrooms are almost always clean. The cleanliness amazes me every time!!

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