My First Manicure

 Last night, I fell asleep around half way thorugh drafting up this comic. When I woke up at 5:30am, I looked at where I was and I had no idea where this comic was going (especially given my morning time crunch), so then the comic just became... really weird. Apologies (but not really).

So yes, I got my first manicure this weekend (thanks friends). Here are some things I learned:

  1. My nails are short. Like, really short. I knew they were short because I purposely cut them short (habit from of my piano playing days), but I never really noticed it until the whole nail was painted a bright color and then it was like "THIS IS ALL THE NAIL SURFACE YOU HAVE." Even one of the manicurists commented on how short they were. 
  2. They can scrape off a lot of gunk from your fingernails. Or maybe it was just my fingers. But wow. 
  3. There are all sorts of contraptions for manicures. Little fans, little nail scrapers, little heating fan things. Little everything. 

I was still weirded about having color on my nails, but I haven't scrubbed them off yet, so yay? (Gotta make it worth its money, you know?) 

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