Just came back from the LA area (first time in the area) and I'm already missing the perfectly sunny days (hello rainy, eternally cold New England). Here's a couple other observations I didn't get around to drawing: 

  • There are specialty stores and restaurants for everything. Want hot dogs with avocado and arugula? Okay, Dog Haus got you. Want 16 different flavors of italian ice? Okay, Frostbites got you. 
  • People stay in to just chill even when it's beautiful out because... the weather is always that nice.  In New England, clear and sunny skies (especially recently) are a rarity so whenever it's nice out, I instantly start thinking about outdoor activities. 
  • The hills and mountains are very...yellow. I guess they are going through a drought.

Loved it there though! Nice weather, all sorts of food, and lots of outdoor activities. I'll be back! 

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