The Perfect Shot

Sometimes your eyes are the best camera and your memories are the best photos :) 

SOOOOOO sorry for the lack of Monday's post :( This one took longer to draw than I expected. I will be better!

Anyway, last weekend, my friend and I hiked Mt. Willard in the White Mountains and the view from the top was absolutely stunning. I was just mind blown by the panoramic view of the mountains, which were speckled in orange and red with the foliage. I tried so hard to capture the beauty but alas.... my photography skills are not up to par yet, so I had to settle for my eyes and memories. Special thanks to my friend for hiking with me! Made her get up at 6am so we could drive all the way up to the mountains,  and then made her hike up the mountain despite her fear of slipping and bashing her head on rocks. I fed her snacks and sandwiches though, so it's all good!!! 

Now here are some actual photos (PC to my friend for most of these):


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