My First Apple Product (Part 1)

EDIT: My comic has a typo, of course. Apple* not Aple.  This is what I get for drawing my comic at 12am.

Sorry for the short and not very exciting comic D: This was originally supposed to be one comic, but 1) it started getting very long (so much to review on this MacBook!) and 2) I needed to sleep. Please tune in on Friday for part 2! 

Also, random thought:
In the beginning, it seemed like hipsters (I don't think the term 'hipsters' was actually a thing back then...) were the ones using Macs, so I guess I was trying to avoid being a hipster. But then as time went on, more and more people started using Macs and now it seems like the mainstream device of choice. By rejecting Macs now, am I now the hipster??? #midnightrambles

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