Not Bad, MacBook

And now here, in text, I'll write out the rest of the comic I didn't have time to draw! (cry) 

Things that I don't like about the MacBook:

- The lack of a right/forward-delete button. Now you'd think this is no big deal because you have a left-delete button, but sometimes you just want to delete forward! Yea, you can do fn+delete, but that's one extra key I have to press and it's all the way on the opposite side of the keyboard. Too much effort. Also I used the delete key a lot to delete files quickly, and now I can't do that either unless I do cmd+delete. Again, too much effort. 

- Two finger click for right clicks. Again, just too much effort. (Noticing a pattern here yet? )

EDIT: I've now configured my trackpad to right click on the bottom. Thanks Matt!

- Finder. I don't know why, but it's so confusing to me. I'm constantly searching for the icon to bring me up one folder. I think there are shortcuts, but I just need to learn. 

Final thoughts:

Okay, so I was mostly avoiding Macs and Apple products because I hate paying more for something just because of the brand, and I still believe Apple does that. However, I do recognize that their products are pretty nice. There's definitely a quality feel to the MacBook. Would I buy one for my personal use? Probably not, because they're too expensive for my destructive ways. Even the sturdy build of the MacBook probably cannot withstand my technology-destroying super powers. I'll enjoy the one I have for work while I have it though :) 

Also, here's something that didn't make it to the comic as well -- Windows and Mac characterized:

Maybe they'll make it back into another comic. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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